Lox Suspicious Domains Checker API

We decided to make an API for our websites that we can use. But we didn't want to make it special, and we decided to share.
We've made the easiest way to check suspicious domains. You just need to use the API URL to get the response. There is nothing like a token blah blah, just forget it.

Like every service has Rate Limit, we have it too. We tried our best to not make it so hard.

How to Use?

You just need to send a request to our server from https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains.
For example, if we are about to check the example.com domain, we would send a request like https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains/check?domain=example.com.

Our server will return a JSON message like this:
{"ResponseCode":200,"ResponseType":"RETVALOK","Response":"example.com is not in our database."}

	"ResponseCode": 200,
	"ResponseType": "RETVALOK",
	"Response":	"example.com is not in our database."

You will get 404 code if you would type something else than https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains/check or https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains/version
The API response will be a JSON string. You can see the response codes in the API Responses tab page.

Our API is completely free and there is nothing you need to pay for. So feel free while working on it. If you made something wrong, do not hesitate to contact us.


You can see all the response values.
Don't forget that the API always returns 200(OK) except 404 not found or 500 Internal Server Error. You should check the JSON for the response code.

# Response Code Description Response Type
1 200 Returns when the domain is not in our database. (200 - OK) RETVALOK
2 872 Returns when the entered domain is a suspicious domain. RETVALSUSPICIOUS
3 765 Returns when the domain is too long. RETVALTOOLONG
4 654 Returns when the domain is detected as an IDN domain. RETVALIDN


Normal customers can't use the XPack version. If you want to be a XPack customer, contact us via [email protected]

# Per Second Per Minute Per Hour Per Day Per Week XPack
1 10 Requests 150 Requests 2500 Requests 20000 Requests 250000 Requests No
2 15 Requests 200 Requests 3000 Requests 30000 Requests Unlimited Yes(v1)
3 20 Requests 300 Requests 4000 Requests Unlimited Unlimited Yes(v2)
4 50 Requests 600 Requests Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes(v3)

C# - RestSharp

Try this code if you use RestSharp library.

public static IRestResponse CheckDomain(string domain)
	RestClient client = new RestClient();
	client.BaseUrl = new Uri("https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains");
	RestRequest request = new RestRequest();
	request.Resource = "check?domain=" + domain;
	request.Method = Method.GET;
	return client.Execute(request);

C# - WebClient

If you don't want to use any library, you can use WebClient.

public static string CheckDomain2(string domain)
	WebClient wc = new WebClient();
	return wc.DownloadString("https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains/check?domain=" + domain);


Try running this locally.

require 'rest-client'
require 'json'

url = 'https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains/check?domain=example.com'
response = RestClient.get(url)


Too easy, only 4 lines. (Don't count spaces)

import json
import requests

response = requests.get("https://api.lgamestudio.com/suspiciousdomains/check?domain=example.com")
json_data = json.loads(response.text)